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Customer Reviews Listings Checker Action Steps
Keyword Scorecard

Keyword Scorecard When a local customer searches for a business like yours … do they find you or your competitors? Our Keyword Analysis shows your site’s best ranking keywords on Google, Bing & Yahoo, plus the searches per month and top competitor. Importantly, we also identify search terms where your competitors rank higher and provide suggestions to improve your visibility to prospective customers.

Competitor Insights

Competitor Insights Identify how you stack up versus top local competitors in your business category and dig deeper into their online marketing & messaging strategies. With 1-click you can explore each competitor’s website, Google+ Local profile, menu and Facebook page and read what customers are saying about their business in Customer Reviews, blogs and discussion forums. No doubt these insights will spark ideas and help formulate a plan to improve your business’s online visibility and performance.

Social Snapshot

Social Snapshot Gauge your visibility at major sources of Social Engine traffic, find out what videos are tracked to your URL (domain name) or business name and discover what is being said about your business in online blogs and discussion forums.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews Prospective customers rely on comments from your current customers to decide IF they will deal with your business – and research reveals that 80% have reversed a purchase decision after reading negative reviews. Through our interface, you can read what your customers are saying, quickly assess positive & negative reviews and click to your Yelp and Google profile page to respond to each review. This action will improve your rank in search engines and increase your “trust score” by showing your commitment to customer care.

Listings Checking

Listings Checker Assess your business listings at Google, Yahoo, Bing, the yellow pages, top local directories and review sites. Pinpoint any gaps or inaccuracies and click & fix any errors on the spot. This will improve your business ranking in search results and ensure that customers will find you when and where they search most frequently.

Action Steps

Action Steps Assess. Fix. Promote. Grow. Our Local Marketing Scorecard reports are designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your business’s online visibility, customer sentiment & competitive ranking so you can easily assess the strengths and weaknesses, click & fix some problems on the spot and implement targeted Action Steps geared to promote and grow your business.